The AV-98 Ingram is the central Tokyo police Patrol Labor or Patlabor created and designed by Shinohara Industries. The Labor remained in service for many years until the creation of the Peacekeeper.

Specifications Edit

Factory Designation: Advanced Vehicle Type 98

Codename/Nickname: Ingram

Operational Units: 3

Manufacturer: Shinohara Heavy Industries, Hachioji Factory

Rollout Date: April 1998 A.D.

Operating Organization: Tokyo Metropolitan Police, Special Vehicles, Second Section

Height: 8.02 Meters

Width: 4.37 Meters

Base Operating Weight: 6.02 Metric Tons

Operating Weight with optional equipment: 6.62 Metric Tons

Armor: FRP with Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Skeleton.

Maximum Lifting Capacity: 2.40 Metric Tons

Minimum Revolving Radius: 3.90 Meters

Standard Armaments:

  • Anti-Labor Electromagnetic Riot Baton x1 (Stored in Left Forearm Shield)
  • 32 Millimeter Vulcan Revolver Cannon x1 (6 Rounds, Stored in right Leg)

Optional Armaments:

  • 90mm Riot Cannon (Shotgun) x1

Standard Equipment:

  • Forearm Mounted Riot Shield x1

Appearances in Anime Edit

Original OVA: Yes

TV Series: Yes

New OVA: Yes

Movie 1: Yes

Movie 2: Yes

Movie 3: Yes

Sources Edit